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If you are looking for a top quality, individual joiner in Taranaki then come and see Wayne from Wayne Lovegrove Joinery.

As a master joiner he creates beautiful, individual pieces, working with clients throughout the entire creation process. Wayne will take you from the design and drawings all the way through to the construction and final installation.

Instead of your dream designs getting lost in the translation of a large production chain, when choosing Wayne Lovegrove Joinery you only ever have to deal with one person. Call Wayne today for top notch services from an expert joiner you can trust.

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Qualified & Recogised

Wayne Lovegrove is a highly qualified and recognised expert in joinery.

He is a member of the Registered Master Joiners, and possesses a great level of experience in kitchen renovations, furniture and more.

He consults directly with each customer to create a design that is specific to their unique needs. For more information on Wayne's individualised services in Taranaki, please don't hesitate to call him today.


Years of Experience

Wayne Lovegrove Joinery was established in 2001, operating as a successful joinery business for individuals looking for beautiful, unique furniture pieces and individual kitchen renovations.

Wayne has been a joiner since 1980 and has a wide experience in all areas of joinery. Whether you require modern kitchen revamping, or classic, custom made chairs, you can trust Wayne Lovegrove Joinery in Taranaki to complete the job promptly and professionally.


Personal Pledge

When it comes to offering top notch workmanship, Wayne follows the four P's. His personal pledge is:

  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Personal service
  • Practical advice

Wayne aspires to consistently manufacture unique, high quality joinery that people will admire for many years to come. For more information, please call and arrange a quote.